“The 100 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time”

And here we are, faced with the daunting prospect of a new “100 best” list, this time for all the science fiction films out there. As is usual tradition, I must offer my veiled protest at a few of the movies listed here: Some are good, but too young to really belong on a list built to serve the function any “best of” list is meant to serve, and some of them are just absolute doo-doo, such that I am bewildered they’d appear on anyone’s “best of” list of anything. But who cares? I’m just the guy proffering blurbs on District 9 and Galaxy Quest. (One of these belongs. The other I’m not as sure of. Take a guess which is which! We like to have fun here.)

You can peruse the list in full over at Paste Magazine.


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