“Chris Pine And A Banner Year For Male Nudity”

Two things:

  1. The original title of this piece, or, more honestly, the suggested title, was “Chris Pine‘s Wood.” Obviously that got nixed, for reasons I can appreciate and agree with.
  2. I forgot about The Spy Who Dumped Me, which has some impressive male dong and balls on display, and was reminded by a dear friend after the fact. So, as you read this piece about Pine and Outlaw King, and as you get to the list of movies this year with male nudity in them, remember The Spy Who Dumped Me, too.

Anyway! I wrote about penises. You’re welcome. This is surprisingly on brand for me, even though I almost never write about the subject of guys who get naked in movies; I think there’s a lot of power (power being a massive umbrella sheltering adjectives from “moving” to “hilarious” to just plain old “shocking”) in the sight of a weiner exposed on the big screen, mostly because culturally we’re so damn against the very idea of it. I empathize. Men are very, very shy (generally speaking) about their penises. We’re taught from youth that manhood is literally measurable based on dick size. It’s stupid. So seeing a guy like Pine, who is very very very manly*, casually walk around with his twig and berries out is kind of a big deal.

But I digress. You can read the full piece over at The Week.

*Remember that time I visited the set of The Finest Hours and sat just feet away from him? Dude is a man, I’m telling you.

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