“‘The Purge’ Creator James DeMonaco On Predicting The Future With Movie Sequels And TV Seasons”

Today’s recommendation for a good life: Talk to James DeMonaco. Doesn’t really matter the context or the topic. Just, if you ever get a chance to chat with him, do. He’s a blast to confab with. I know I had a good time as we dug into 2018, the year of The Purge franchise, from The First Purge to the USA TV series, a decent transmutation of the film series into a smaller (but also larger, weirdly enough) medium; turns out James is kind of a prophet. And self-critical, which I don’t often get from most people I talk with. (Not a complaint. Being self-critical isn’t easy. It’s hard enough to be self-critical in your heart, much less on the phone with a stranger-journalist.)

Anyway. The resultant piece is chock-full of goodness. You know where I’m going with this. Feel free to read the piece in full over at Polygon.


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