“How ‘The Raid’ Filmmaker Gareth Evans Is Challenging Himself With New Genres”

“Enough already with Apostle pieces!” you say. “Ha ha ha! Deal with it, sucker!” says I, swinging my second article about one of my recent favorites, Gareth Evans’ new horror joint, right at your face.

I didn’t get to write all of the pieces about Mandy, but lord I tried. I am now making up for that by writing all of the pieces about Apostle, including this one, my latest, an interview with Gareth Evans himself. You probably know me well enough by now to know that this is a Big Frigging Deal™ to me; he’s Welsh, and I am slanted toward Welsh things, but he’s also a one of a kind contemporary filmmaker, and though you don’t see the full extent of it in the piece, he’s the anti-auteur in the sense that he says “we” an awful lot. He has a distinctive style, sure, and he clearly has huge influence over the direction and tone of his films, sure. But he never takes sole credit for that. He’s a collaborator through and through.

He’s also probably not directing Deathstroke, but he also may be, and he doesn’t know. The trades appear to know more than him. We had a laugh about that. 

Anyway, you can read the full piece over at The Hollywood Reporter.


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