“The Best Oktoberfest Parties Around the Country”

It’s October! Which means it’s still Oktoberfest! Only just, of course, but “only just” is just enough. You’ve got a couple days left. Seize ’em. You can start, naturally, by reading my thoughts on the festival, farmed from brewers at Night Shift, Marshall, and Silvaticus, because of course I’m going to speak with MA breweries about Oktoberfest; it’s maybe a bigger deal here, at least in some ways, than other parts of the country where seasons changing is unheard of (or certainly not as noticeable as it is in the New England region). 

I learned a lot from chatting with these brewers, and from researching the event for myself, so may I humbly suggest you direct your gaze to Hop Culture, where you can read the full article.



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