“Sharing a Beer with Esther Tetreault a.k.a. Mrs. Trillium”

Continuing my side career as a major Trillium Brewing Company booster: My interview with Esther Tetreault, one of the most joyful interviews I’ve conducted all year (aided in no small part by drinks*), about Trillium’s past, present, and future, including a discussion of “beer therapy” and a back and forth on the company’s apparent evolution (when in fact they’re not really “evolving” as much as they’re just “growing” which is “what craft breweries do” because that’s “how business works”**). I declare this a fun read, and also a satisfying read if you’re a Trillium stan in general or just a craft beer enthusiast; there’s a lot in here about the function of the industry, and in particular about the industry in Boston.

You can read the full piece over at Hop Culture.

*Because when you’re interviewing the co-owner of a brewery and she offers you a beer, you take the damn beer.
**Imagine Chris Farley as Bennett Brauer here.


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