“Films by Women: Five Movies to Watch in September”

Weird to see a “women’s film” spotlight focused on movies from September posted in October, but, uh, mea culpa and such as that. The dog ate my homework. I dunno. There’s not a great excuse for the delay; that being said, I’d still offer that documenting the movies on Septembers slate matters, because some of them are still out in theaters (and eventually the rest of ’em will come out on home video). 

Anyways: I dug All About Nina, and I was most impressed by Kusama: Infinity for taking a pretty standard, limited form and using that form to make successful arguments about the matter of gatekeeping; I also really liked The Land of Steady Habits, a bit of minor Nicole Holofcener that’s still more arresting than a lot of what you’ll find on Netflix. 

You can read the full feature over at Paste Magazine.




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