Review: Apostle, 2018, dir. Gareth Evans

Well, hey, look at that, a new Gareth Evans movie.

I’ve been waiting on more Evans since 2014’s The Raid 2: Berandal, a high point in action filmmaking (if a little bit bloated, but the bloat is all good bloat); he has a way about the camera that ensures the camera is as involved in what we’re seeing on screen as the people captured by the camera’s lens. Once I’d have argued that Evans’ aesthetic pigeonholes him as an action director only, but at that time I’d yet to see Safe Haven (his segment in V/H/S/2), and so here I am, as excited to see him work in horror as in action.

Apostle is a very good horror film; a very good take on the formula written by movies like The Wicker Man; and a very good Gareth Evans movie all at once. It’s also a very good Dan Stevens movie, though most movies Stevens shows up in tend to have good Dan Stevens in them, so I’m not sure that’s saying much.

Anyway. You can read my full review of Apostle over at Little White Lies (in my first byline for the magazine).




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