“Would ‘Halloween’ Be Revered If It Were Released Today?”

Upfront: Questions like these, at face value, don’t have good answers, because we can never know with 100% certainty what those answers might be. That said, I think horror, at least “horror” that does not satisfy the genre’s growing prestige among critics and check respectability boxes, is on a sort of decline among tastemakers, and as that’s the case, and as tastemakers continue uplifting horror movies that can be comfortably distinguished as “art” rather than just “horror,” it feels worth wondering if the classics of the genre would be accepted today by critical gatekeepers. 

My guess, obviously, is “no,” because movies like Hereditary have captured critics’ imaginations, and also because the mold the original Halloween – the movie I feel is best positioned for sparking this discussion – inhabits (and helped shape) has simply fallen out of vogue (which is weird, because the same critics still, if perhaps grudgingly, recognize Halloween as a classic). 

Anyways: I wrote about all of this for The Hollywood Reporter, so you can read the full article there.


One thought on ““Would ‘Halloween’ Be Revered If It Were Released Today?”

  1. Just a question. If Halloween was made today, does that also mean Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street were still made? Was the slasher craze even a thing?

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