“How ‘Assassination Nation’ Exploits Privacy Fears”

I’ll be honest, I’m a little surprised Assassination Nation worked so well on me; all the good, exploitative genre stuff we get at the end comes a little too late, and it frankly doesn’t make a lot of sense considering how the rest of the film functions, but it’s satisfying all the same, mostly because if someone wants to show you a bunch of vile transphobic misogynist dude bros get gunned down, you should be grateful, I guess. But more than that, it’s the teen sensationalist fever dream that comprises the “stuff” and the structure of the story. These kinds of films either really work or really don’t, especially when they try so hard to create this hyper teen reality by leaning very much into teen attitude and behavior. 

But hey: It did, in fact, work on me! Funny thing, that. So I wrote about it for The Hollywood Reporter.


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