“Bruce Campbell Sends ‘Evil Dead’ Off With a Bloody, Bingeworthy Bang”

…oh, come the heck on, of course I set up a talk with Bruce Campbell about the end of Ash vs Evil Dead, who the hell do you think you’re talking to here.

This is my second chat with Bruce, following my first, which orbited the show’s second season, while this one is all about the third, which is also the last. Puzzle that one out. Bilbo Baggins would be proud of me right about now. 

We had a good talk; he’s clearly comfy with saying “farewell” to the series, and to Ash, and before you point out that he’s said farewell to Ash before, let me remind you (as Bruce reminded me) that Army of Darkness was a flop. It’s not like he really had a choice. It’s not like he was done with the character in 1992. (Duh. He made a fucking show about Ash in 2015.) 

He also knew this was coming, because he’s a producer on the show, which I forgot. Luckily, Bruce is a gracious enough dude not to have made me feel like a horse’s ass for forgetting. But how about you experience that graciousness for yourself by reading the piece, which published at Thrillist last week? There you go.



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