“Director Crystal Moselle’s Inspiration for ‘Skate Kitchen’ Was the Real, Shredding Teen Girl Crew”

Second time’s the charm! A few years back I spoke with Crystal Moselle about her debut film, The Wolfpack, and half-assed prepared for it. A week or so back, I spoke with her again about her new film, Skate Kitchen, and prepared much less half-assedly for it – you could say I full-assed it – and the whole thing went way better. Shocker. Who knew. Jeez. 

Anyways: You can find the full feature I put together about Moselle and the film over at the pages of Thrillist. I have a few minor gripes with the movie itself – it’s probably about 15 minutes too long, give or take – but I’d advise you to seek it out. It’s a solid end of summer hangout flick, and I can only respect the chutzpah it takes to skateboard, get credit carded (look it up, or don’t), and then keep skateboarding. These Skate Kitchen women are hard as hell.

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