“Only Spike Lee could have made ‘BlacKkKlansman'”

I don’t think it’s over the line to cite BlacKkKlansman as one of Spike Lee’s best films, and I’m the guy who usually seethes at claims of “masterpiece” directed at movies that haven’t been out in theaters for even a day. Is BlacKkKlansman that? Is it a masterpiece? I’m not sure. Time will tell. But it does stand out in Lee’s accomplished body of work, and that’s saying something; he’s one of the great American filmmakers, and even if the only good film he’d ever made was Do the Right Thing*, he’d still be a master. 

Anyways: BlacKkKlansman, the story of how black American detective Ron Stallworth infiltrated, brought down, and ultimately humiliated the Colorado Springs chapter of the Ku Klux Kretins Klan is now in theaters. You should go see it. Go see it because it’s great; go see it for John David “Son of Denzel” Washington; go see it for Lee, the only filmmaker working today who could have brought Stallworth’s account to life.

Also go to The Week and read my writings about it, because they’re okay too!

*Just for clarity’s sake: Do the Right Thing is by no means the only good movie Lee has ever made. 


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