“Trillium’s Field Trip Beer Fest Brings Brewers and Drinkers Together”

I know what you’re gonna ask: “How does he do it? How does Crump make it to, and make it through, as many beer festivals as he does?” Well my friends, it’s quite simple: I run, I bike, I take evening walks around my neighborhood, I lift, and I try to eat healthy*, and somewhere in between I build up tolerance for booze such that I’m a difficult man to knock out with beer**. And I’m good with people. And I’m good at words. So, that’s more or less the size of it. No functional alcoholism here – this ain’t Drinking Buddies – just good ol’ fashioned talent for drinking, like Tyrion Lannister, but in many ways also not. 

Unsurprisingly, I had a blast at the first ever Trillium Field Trip this past weekend, and apart from one hiccup (which I won’t spoil here, because you’re about to read the piece, after all, of course), I think it went swimmingly. Read my coverage report article piece for Hop Culture by clicking the hyperlink, as you always do, I’m sure.

*You make take all of this boasting very well-salted.
**I mean, I guess you could huck a beer can at my head. That’d knock me out.


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