Review: Far From the Tree, 2018, dir. Rachel Dretzin

Rachel Dretzin probably didn’t make Far From the Tree anticipating that members of her audience might come back around to Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter at a campaign rally in 2015 (nice voting, schmucks!). Speaking for myself, that’s exactly what I kept thinking of watching the film (which is based on Andrew Solomon’s non-fiction novel of the same name). I’m not sure that flatters Dretzin’s work, but I’ll say this: Even if you do recall that moment in time, you won’t thinking about it for the whole of the movie, which is tender, bright, compassionate, and often moving. That’s why the film will endure, if it does indeed endure: Because it’s good, and not because it accidentally reflects the callousness of this era of American politics.

You may digest the full review over at Paste Magazine.



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