“‘Never Goin’ Back’ Is One Of The Raunchiest, Most Satisfying Comedies In Years”

Welp, A24 isn’t really doing much to promote Augustine Frizzell’s excellent Never Goin’ Back, so I guess it’s up to me, a critic, to champion this gross, tender, raunchy, outrageous, sweet-hearted, and absolutely hilarious film. (It’s one of my favorites of the year. And one of the best I saw at this year’s Independent Film Festival Boston.)

Might be I didn’t go about that the best way; I wrote at length about its best and most over the top gags, which range from boner jokes to puke-and-poo jokes. (I am 34 years old.) So, spoilers, I guess, except there’s really no way to spoil this stuff. You have to see it to get it.

Dig my piece for Polygon, won’t you?



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