“How the Director of The Spy Who Dumped Me Made a Graphic, Funny, Feminist Action Film”

Upfront, I didn’t have high expectations for The Spy Who Dumped Me; I don’t have faith in studio comedies, and I especially don’t have faith in studio action comedies, because they tend to treat the action with indifference and just joke through fight scenes where characters reasonably should be taking matters seriously. But Susanna Fogel isn’t fucking around here. People get stabbed through the arm with knives, they get their faces blown off, they get shot and you see the arterial spray; it’s all appreciated. And it’s funny! And it moves! The first half is nimbler than the second, but be that as it may, I had a nice time. 

But I had a better time sitting down with Susanna to talk about the film and performative feminism. She’s a terrific person. So you should read the interview, which is published at Vulture (my second byline there).



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