“Films by Women: Five Movies to Watch in July”

July has been a wasteland of a month for films by women. Not that there aren’t films by women out there in theaters for you to watch, or at home, and it’s not that those movies are bad or anything; it’s just that compared to other months, finding those movies has proven a Herculean task, and that’s saying something, because it’s work tracking down women-helmed movies at any time of the year. What gives? What, did America take the month off and decide not to distribute movies directed by women in July? Come on, America.

Anyways: We managed to get the job done at Paste, as we always do, but we had to cheat a little and include Leave No Trace, which technically came out in June but expanded wide in July. Sue us. Whatever. Who the fuck cares. It’s a great movie, because Debra Granik is a genius, so that should be all the reason you need to accept our choice to include it here. (Also mentioned: You Were Never Really Here, which will never stop being on my list of favorites for 2018.)





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