“‘Generation Wealth’ Asks Why We Care So Much About Money”

Last April (the last day of last April, in fact), I sat down with Lauren Greenfield, documentarian, to talk about her new movie, Generation Wealth, which ran at this year’s run of Independent Film Festival Boston. If you’ve seen her previous film, The Queen of Versailles, you have a decent idea of what Generation Wealth is about; it’s not out of bounds to think of the latter as a sequel to the former, or at least a follow-up. We’re all guilty of perpetuating wealth culture. Generation Wealth doesn’t judge us, and it doesn’t quite judge its subjects (though it doesn’t forgive them for their shitty behavior, either). Instead it asks us to see ourselves in others’ pursuit of status. Tall order, but worth thinking about, just like it’s worth thinking about heading to The ARTery to read the full interview


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