“In Tender Tones, Erin Rae Reminds Us That Human Experience Wields Universal Power”

About me: I’ll happily wring two pieces out of one thing if I can, and you can’t make me feel ashamed about it, no sirree. 

That’s my little way of introducing my piece, for The ARTery, about Putting On Airs, the solo debut album from the great Erin Rae, who you may recall I interviewed for Paste Magazine about a month back. (If you do not recall, first, hey what the hell, second, hyperlinks.) This time around I got into the album itself more so than Rae and Nashville, which felt great; talking about music, rather than visual media, requires a whole new set of vocabulary. It’s like trying out a new exercise regimen.

Oh, also, the album is superb, as you probably are already aware


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