“The Beautiful and Cathartic Words of Erin Rae”

A couple weeks back, I had the great pleasure of speaking with a young singer-songwriter out of Nashville, Erin Rae, on the strength of the interview I conducted with Lillie Mae out of Boston Calling last month. (Mae. Rae. Try not to get confused.) Like Lillie, Erin is a blast to speak with. Also like Lillie, she’s shaping the Nashville music scene, which is presently fronted primarily by women. So naturally I decided to treat her like “the mayor of Nashville music” and ask her what makes Nashville such a great place for fostering female musical talent. (Answer: A whole lot! Apparently it helps when women have a supportive environment to make art in. Who knew?) 

You can read the piece over at Paste Magazine. I’m pretty proud of it.







One thought on ““The Beautiful and Cathartic Words of Erin Rae”

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