“The 50 Best Netflix Original Movies”

Netflix sure does make a whole lot of original movies, and a whole lot of them sure do…likely never show up in your recommendations at all. In some cases, that’s for the best, because they’re awful (a’la The Incredible Jessica James, a bad movie starring a really great actress). In other cases, you end up missing out on First They Killed My Father, one of 2017’s very best movies. Maybe that means Paste Magazine‘s guide to the best Netflix originals will be hit or miss for you – a lot, and I do mean a lot, of these movies suck, and it’s sort of no one’s fault that they’re on here because we can only work with what Netflix gives us.

That said, plenty among the movies named demand your attention, so shuffle off to Paste to see what sparks your fancy. (You’ll also find my name on a ton of these blurbs, so that’s a reason to go check it out, too.)


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