“Lillie Mae: Music In Her Blood”

Boston Calling isn’t over yet! I mean: It is. But I still have coverage to share, so it sort of isn’t? Anyway, I wrote a profile of the very great, super talented Lillie Mae Rische for Paste Magazine after chatting with her about how life’s treated her since releasing Forever and Then Some in 2017, her working relationship with Jack White, her future, and her relentless on-stage energy. (Alternate title: “Lillie Mae Is Rad.”)

You probably know this about me, but I don’t make a habit of talking with artists I’m not personally interested in. I’m biased. I’m a cheerleader. I really want y’all to check out Lillie Mae’s work (and I hope that if you do, you enjoy it at least close to as much as I do). So I’m not fucking around when I say that she’s rad. She’s actually legitimately rad. (We’re also one day off sharing the same birthday, so of course I’m a fan.) 


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