“What ‘Solo’ Should Have Kept in the Past”

You’ve probably read this blog for long enough that you know well my distaste for prequels that senselessly construct backstory for elements of narrative that don’t actually demand a fucking backstory. So if you’ve seen Solo: A Star Wars Story, you can probably guess that I hated, hated, hated the script’s decision to tell us how, exactly, Han Solo got his last name. My whole wheat side hated that they felt it necessary to explain that one in the first place; my frosted side hated the explanation they came up with, which is so bad that The Critic wouldn’t have bothered using it as a punchline. 

But now I’m just yanking lines from the piece I wrote about this dumb, dumb, dumb idea over at The Hollywood Reporter, and your eyeballs are better spent there than here. 


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