Review: The Gospel According to André, 2018, dir. Kate Novack

Don’t ask me why the header image for this review is so small. Instead, ask me why it took planet Earth so long to make a documentary about the life of eminently fascinating human being André Leon Talley, who I was first introduced to during the period of my life where I watched America’s Next Top Model. (Breathe. Just breathe. I used to watch ANTM. It’s okay! You’re okay.) He’s just a magnetic presence, no matter what he’s doing, no matter what context he’s in. You can’t take your eyes off of him. Here, in The Gospel According to André, you just want to spend time in his company, listening to his stories of the fashion industry of old, of his southern upbringing, of American racism; he’s basically a walking American history book.

In short, the film is good fun and better learning, so enjoy this here review I wrote for Paste Magazine.


One thought on “Review: The Gospel According to André, 2018, dir. Kate Novack

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