“Boston Calling Wrap-Up”

Well, I did it. I survived my first Boston Calling, which is my first music festival (covered as a member of the press), and also the second festival I’ve covered this year (of three festivals total, the third one being a beer fest coming up this July). 

There’s a lot to say about Boston Calling, and I put most of it, condensed, into my write-up for Northshore Magazine (plus another piece yet to be published, but which should be dropping somewhere in the neighborhood of “soon”). For one thing, it put the pop culture debate I get into more often than I care to admit – “is TV better than the movies?” – into perspective. I can argue with whoever all day over the merits of one over the other, but man, music is just way better than both of them. There’s so much good music today, guys. So much. We’re not even talking about the new albums of the year that I’m getting into.

For another thing, I really like the challenge of writing about music, as it demands I learn an entirely new subset of language to properly comment on it. So expect to see more music writing from me if I can convince more people to pay me to write about it. 

Anyways: Get thee to Northshore Magazine




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