“The 100 Best Comedies of All Time”

Good morning! It’s Wednesday, so please, have another “100 best” list. This time: It’s hilarious.

Comedy being the most subjective genre, I have a bunch of personal ordering gripes here, most of them being “nothing ranked after What’s Up, Doc? is actually fucking funnier than What’s Up, Doc?, especially all of the movies made in the last five years,” and also that Blazing Saddles isn’t in the top five. (I mean, I guess #11 is good enough, but on the flip side, no it isn’t.) Such is comedy. Such is life. You can make your own odds and ends of this monster over at Paste Magazine, and possibly kvetch about movies that didn’t make it in the final count, because that’s a thing people like to do, too. (But please don’t. This list has been a long time coming. Respect the work!)


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