Review: Beast, 2018, dir. Michael Pearce

I’m wondering if Michael Pearce’s very good Beast is dropping at an inopportune cultural moment; we’re talking a lot about why kids shoot up schools, and there’s a percentage of nimrods trotting out usual excuses like “they were bullied” and “they watch too much violent media.” Beast isn’t quite about either of those, and it’s not about mass shootings, but it is about a very isolated and overwhelmingly neglected young woman paying for a violent outburst from her youth well into her 20s, and it’s about that woman’s attraction to a dude who may or may not be the serial killer stalking her island home. Feel free to derive whatever hot takes you like from that premise. 

Or feel free to just read my review of the film for Paste Magazine, and then maybe also see the film, which is very good and does not give a good long shit about your hot takes.


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