“The World-Burning Of Michael B. Jordan”

Michael B. Jordan, right? What an actor. What a fire starter, too. The guy loves burning shit. It’s almost his bread and butter, at least in 2018, where his two biggest roles play literally and metaphorically with fire (and sometimes both). See: Black Panther and Fahrenheit 451. (Actually see Black Panther, too. Don’t just consider it as evidence. I assume you’ve seen Black Panther already, but if you haven’t, Ryan Coogler was basically born with cinema in his veins, so spare me whatever shitty reason you have for not seeing it.) 

For The Week, I tried, and I’ll openly admit, struggled, to go long on Jordan’s preference for burning the world down, whether through revolution or through the upholding of tyrannical government institutions; it’s clearly a motif in his career, whether on purpose or not. Hopefully the read is as clear as the motif. 


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