“Time to Chop Up the Dead Boyfriend: The Wanton Strangeness of Morvern Callar”

I wrote this piece about Lynne Ramsay’s second film, Morvern Callar, around the time that her latest film, You Were Never Really Here, opened in theaters. What I didn’t do was push hard enough to get it published. If you’re the type to lose interest in things mere days after they’ve become available to you, well, first, stop being like that, and second, this probably isn’t high on your reading list. But it should be. Because I wrote it. What else are you here for other than reading my stuff? Are you just trying to fake me out with meager traffic numbers? You sadists.

Morvern Callar is such a bizarre movie that I almost filed it under “WTH,” but honestly, the movie is so uncategorizable that the “WTH” designation doesn’t quite fit. It’s one of those “see to believe” flicks. (Literally, every flick is a “see to believe” flick, but Morvern Callar more so than the rest.) So I broke it all down for Paste Magazine as best I could.


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