“Independent Film Festival Boston Wrap-Up”

The good news is, my wrap-up of this year’s Independent Film Festival Boston is now online for your reading pleasure at Northshore Magazine. The bad news is, that means Independent Film Festival Boston is over, and you’re going to have to wait another 350 something days before we get to fest again. (And by “we” I mean “I,” though for all I know if you’re reading this you were there and you didn’t say hi to me. Jerk.)

But there’s more good news, being that I saw a lot of nifty films this year, two of which rank among my favorites in 2018. Guess which two! (Hint: They’re not at all like each other, and they’re not at all like any other movie on the list. Also one of them is hilarious and the other is weird.) You’ll have to click the above link to read about them all, though.


2 thoughts on ““Independent Film Festival Boston Wrap-Up”

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