Review: White Tide: The Legend Of Culebra, 2018, dir. Theo Love

…so, I probably should have shared this review ahead of this year’s IFFBoston run, because while the review is out of Tribeca, the movie happens to have also played on Thursday night at IFFB. And it’s a pretty good movie.

I allude to two other non-traditional docs built on recreation and reenactment, Kate Plays Christine and Nuts!, in my review, but I neglected to mention The Act of Killing, which, while a better movie overall, is much closer to White Tide: The Legend of Culebra in terms of intentions (being a movie that lets a guilty man replay the events of his crimes for the camera). My bad.

Regardless: White Tide is good stuff, and you can check out my piece about it over at The Playlist.



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