“Independent Film Festival Boston Preview”

Each year (at least, each year since 2012) I cover Independent Film Festival Boston, I usually do a bit of promotion on this site – previews, lineups, general pleas to the audience to go buy some tickets to the great film festival of my hometown. This year I decided to do all of that over at another site instead of my own, but hey, I’m into sharing, so I’m writing this here blog post to point you to Northshore Magazine, which is where you’ll find my preview of this year’s IFFBoston slate.

I’m always excited to be alive around IFFBoston time, this year more so than any other. Maybe it’s the place I’m in now versus the place I was in back in 2016, or the place I was in in 2012 (as far as writing goes), or maybe it’s that the lineup is really, really good; there’re more movies on the schedule that I want to see that also conflict with each other than ever, from Blindspotting to First Reformed to The Third Murder to The Gospel According to Andre to Leave No Trace and, y’know, you get it, right? It just goes on. (This is not mentioning the agonizing truth that the movie I’m most hyped about, Josephine Decker’s Madeline’s Madeline, is playing one of the two nights I can’t actually attend. Woe is me.) It’s true from one IFFBoston to the next that I’ll never see everything on my wish list, but more so in 2018.

Be that as it may, I’ll be running around Davis Square and Harvard Square like a loon, and if you read this, and if you live in or nearby the Boston area, I hope I’ll run into you. If nothing else I hope you head over to IFFBoston’s site, check out what’s playing, and consider snagging tickets to go see something that sounds good to you. (And I also hope you head over to Northshore Magazine to check out that piece.)



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