“The Young Director Who Keeps Getting Compared to Quentin Tarantino”

Anytime a director takes a really worn-out formula or structure and freshens it up is a good time (more often than not). So Lowlife, a movie where a man in a luchador mask roughs people up for a sex trafficking, organ snatching sicko, is my kind of a thing, a clear descendant of the grimy, violent crime films inspired by Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs that distinguishes itself from the crowd with its characters. Instead of making that kind of movie with a predominantly white cast, Prows made it with a considerably more inclusive cast, which leads Lowlife in unexpected directions and give it a spirit all its own. Imagine that.

I had the chance to talk to him for The Hollywood Reporter, and I’m glad I took it; we had a fantastic talk, and I’m delighted to share it here.

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