“How Broken Lizard Came Up With The Infamous ‘Super Troopers’ Meow Gag”

I’m a fan of Super Troopers and I’m not ashamed of it, though damn if reviews of Super Troopers 2 aren’t going out of their way to suggest that people who like these movies are somehow unevolved or troubled. (Essentially: Fuck those reviews. Review the movie, not the people who like it, I mean shit, I grew out of that when I was in my 20s.)

Anyways. The boys of Broken Lizard recently came to Boston, and you can sense where this is going: I sat down with them and we all became BFFs. Okay, the first part is true, the second part is bullshit, though Steve Lemme did look me in the eye and ask if we’ve met before, which I’m about 99% sure we have not. Regardless, I took every opportunity at the round table to monopolize their time (because journalism) and ask them about my absolute favorite dumb gag from the first movie.

You can read subject lines, so you know what that gag is. What you don’t know is that I wrote this piece for Thrillist. What you do know is that you should click on that hyperlink. What you don’t know is that it’s kind of a long piece, but you’re going to read it anyway right meow because you adore my work.



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