“‘Rampage’ Is Smart Enough to Know It’s Dumb Fun”

I feel a tad weird going to bat for a big, dumb, early summer season blockbuster where The Rock is friends with a gorilla, and the gorilla mutates and supersizes after encountering Evil Science™ produced by Evil Corporate Scumbags™, and then The Rock and the gorilla fight a bat-wolf and a dino crocodile (which is basically a crocodile that is the size of a dinosaur, and has dinosaur-ish features). Also the gorilla eats one of the scumbags. Did I mention that this movie is based on a video game series I played way back when I was a kid with nothing better to do than play video games? Rampge isn’t necessarily a nostalgia exercise, in the sense that it does more with its nostalgia than wistfully pine for the good old days of childhood; what it is is a damn good video game movie, though that’s not saying a ton given that most video game movies are trash.

Rampage just happens to be superior trash stuffed into an odor blocking trash bag. And it’s fun. So I talked about that for The Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog. I don’t know why you would expect anything different.





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