“Over/Under Podcast Is Still Not Done Stanning For Animated Gem ‘The Breadwinner’”

Finally! I have words for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, not in print, but spoken aloud by my mouth; if you know me you know that I do not like this film very much because it’s awful, and I have enough awful movies in my life without being gang pressed into admiring one I find repugnant and ignorant of its own subject matter, thank you very much. 

You can hear these words at The Playlist, on the most recent episode of the Over/Under Podcast, which I did with my good buddy Oktay Ege Kozak; not only will you hear both of us talk about Three Billboards, you’ll hear us talk about a much better movie, The Breadwinner, which I’ve already praised at length and in several places. You’re probably as sick of my love for that movie as you are my hatred of the other. But too bad! (Not that I can force you to listen to the podcast, but it’d be nice if you did.)


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