Review: The China Hustle, 2018, dir. Jed Rothstein

I don’t pretend to have a mind for economic concepts. My review of Jed Rothstein’s The China Hustle is the first time I’ve ever felt free to use that as my hook, so I expect it reads more naturally than anything I’ve written on material in the same ballpark. Basically: If you think we’re out of the woods with the 2008 financial crisis, we’re not, and it’s all thanks to dummies betting on China. (I mean, it’s not all thanks to those dummies, but those dummies play a large part in our tenuous financial stability.) Basically: A bunch of Chinese companies managed to sneak their way onto the U.S. exchange by pulling off reverse mergers with defunct American companies back in the 2000s, and because China isn’t beholden to U.S. laws, those Chinese companies got to report higher assets and revenues than they actually had. Connect the rest of the dots yourself. Or just read the review I wrote for Paste Magazine. That’s a pretty sound investment if you ask me.




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