“How Wes Anderson Sneaks Stop-Motion Animation Into Every Film He Makes”

I’ve written some stuff about Wes Anderson and stop-motion animation in the past, tied to Fantastic Mr. Fox back in 2009, so I guess it’s only right that I wrote some stuff today, in 2018, about Wes Anderson and stop-motion animation tied to Isle of Dogs, his new and super complicated movie about an island populated by dogs. The island is made of trash. It’s also off the coast of Japan. There really isn’t a good reason why beyond “I, Wes Anderson, really like Akira Kurosawa,” which isn’t a bad reason as reasons go, but the reason never has more ballast to it than that.

That’s besides the point, though, so stop distracting me. The real point is that Anderson should just keep making stop-motion movies for the rest of his life, because he’s basically been making live-action animated movies since the days of The Royal Tenenbaums and such. For my first article on the pages of The Week, I got into it on this very topic, supplying tons of .gifs to make my case. 





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