Review: I Kill Giants, 2018, dir. Anders Walter

It’s probably balm to Anders Walter’s soul to know that unlike David Ehrlich, I did not hate I Kill Giants. That said, I didn’t like it, either, though I have to follow that up by also saying I didn’t dislike it. I’m sure that this is completely sensible to everyone reading this. Thing is, I Kill Giants is the kind of movie with enough to recommend it but not enough to guarantee enjoyment; I really dig seeing filmmakers go out on limbs with material like this, but I also don’t really like seeing material play coy with genre elements when reasonably speaking it should just fully embrace those elements. I’m down for a movie about a lonely high school girl who accepts her outsider status among her classmates as the price she pays for protecting them all from giants without their knowledge. I’m not down for a movie that is that, but also maybe not.

Anyways, I reviewed this thing for Paste Magazine, so I’ll leave it to you to figure out where to go from here.

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