“‘Pacific Rim’ in the Shadow of Clint Eastwood”

Let me be upfront: I didn’t start writing this piece about Pacific Rim: Uprising expecting that it would basically turn into a whole thing about celebrity, iconography, and how those two things can weigh down on the spawn of famous actors who decide to follow in their parents’ footsteps. I guess that means I found Scott Eastwood’s work in the film compelling on some subconscious level I wasn’t aware existed in my brain. But if I liked John Boyega better as Pacific Rim: Uprising‘s true lead, I found Eastwood fascinating as a man who can’t disguise his ancestry. He’s so much Clint’s kid that even his lips vacillate the same way whenever he delivers a line. You can’t take your eyes off him.

So I wrote about all this, using the relationship between Domhnall Gleeson and Brendan Gleeson as buttressing corroborative detail, over at The Hollywood Reporter. Your move. (Also: If anyone knows whether there should or should not be a fucking colon in the title, let me know, because the rules keep changing and I have no idea.)

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