Don’t Leave Home review

There’s probably a rule in journalism that one should not assign agency to their subjects, as in: I bet the issues I have with Michael Tully’s Don’t Leave Home boil down to confidence. I mean, that might be true, for all I know; the parts of the film that threw me out of the narrative feel like the product of filmmaking sans self-assurance, all messily edited to create artificial disorientation in the viewer. But maybe Tully just thinks that’s the best way to convey what he needs to convey in those scenes, in which case I must cry foul. (“Foul!”)

All that said, this is a solid little horror flick, determinedly creepy and handsomely designed; with a little restraint it would have been something special, which I tried to get at in my review for The Playlist as the second chapter in my remote SXSW ’18 coverage.

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