“North Shore Breweries”

Credit North Shore Magazine

Reminder: Every now and again, I write about craft beer. Mea culpa: My two most recent articles about craft beer have been in print, so you haven’t been able to read them. (This does not apply to local folks who read North Shore Magazine. I think.) Being in print is a great treat, so I guess I’m not that sorry. It’s your fault for not living in Massachusetts. 

On behalf of that, enjoy this pared down version of my round-up of breweries here on the North Shore, including Brewery Silvaticus in Amesbury, BareWolf in Amesbury, and Riverwalk in Newburyport. They’re all good! You should go visit them if you can! But most of all you should read the piece at North Shore Magazine‘s website, or better yet, buy the March issue for the full shebang.



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