“What ‘The Cured’ Has to Say About the Zombie Genre”

I like a good zombie movie, but of late, “good zombie movie” has a pretty strict Andy Crump Approved™ definition: Basically, I’m not at all interested in workaday zombie invasion movies where the goal is for people to off zombies, get eaten by zombies, and also have conflict with other humans because other humans can’t be trusted to act in service to the greater good when facing zombie hordes. (You can thank The Walking Dead for turning zombie fare into boring, cliché nonsense. Fuck The Walking Dead.)

So, if you can’t guess by these words published under my byline in The Hollywood Reporter, I really dug The Cured, a zombie movie where zombies can be cured and restored to human status, and summarily discriminated against by their former friends, neighbors, and family members. It’s terrific. Could have used another five or ten minutes of story, but it’s smart, interesting, and has new things to say about the genre. 



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