“Vicky Krieps Talks About What We Don’t Really Talk About”

I’m going to try to break this down for you quickly: I interviewed Vicky Krieps. Specifically, I interviewed Vicky Krieps about her new film, The Young Karl Marx, but because there are so many similarities between her role in The Young Karl Marx and Phantom Thread, I wound up interviewing her about both. (We also briefly talked about the great Raoul Peck, who you may recall I spoke to last year about his film I Am Not Your Negro, which is equally as great.)

Based on reactions to the piece I think I may have gotten my first ever exclusive scoop, which is pretty cool, but you’ll have to read the piece, which I did for Paste Magazine, to find out what that is. (Don’t act so surprised. This is standard Andy Crump protocol.)

2 thoughts on ““Vicky Krieps Talks About What We Don’t Really Talk About”

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