‘Our Cartoon President’ Only Shows That Comedians Need To Stop Lampooning Trump

Miss me? Well, good news, I’m back from vacation in Montreal and let’s cut the preamble and start sharing, because boy do I have a sharing backlog.

I’ll start off with a recent piece for The ARTery, in which I discuss Showtime’s Our Cartoon President, a show in the range of abysmal and frustrating wherein Donald Trump is turned into a literal cartoon character. Maybe back in January ’17 I’d have been more into this, though by that time Alec Baldwin and the Saturday Night Live industrial complex had already run this sort of thing into the ground. Our Cartoon President (and tangentially The President Show) don’t work for that reason. So I dove into Trump-era satire, hopefully ramping up to a piece about The Death of Stalin at some point or another. We’ll see!

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