Review: Nostalgia, 2018, dir. Mark Pellington

Watching Nostalgia, I never got a sense of who made it, or even who wrote it; the former is Mark Pellington, the latter is Alex Ross Perry, a guy I don’t associate with mush. But Nostalgia , as you might guess by the title, is all mush. It grossed me out. 

Okay, it didn’t gross me out, but it did put me off. It’s possible to do what this movie means to do, a’la present a many-limbed narrative where seemingly disparate plot threads tie into one another if not directly then thematically, but as I point out in my review for Paste MagazineNostalgia just does not do any of the things necessary for the anthology format to work. Let me tell you, years from now, I will not have any sentimental longings for this movie. (Zing.)


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