How ‘Get Out’ Puts ‘Night of the Living Dead’ in a New Light

I probably don’t need to remind everyone how much I love Get Out, though I probably ought to go and update my top ten list on this very site to reflect my love of Night of the Living Dead, which is one of my all-timers. In the meantime, I’ll direct you all to The Hollywood Reporter, which was kind enough to let me write about the new Criterion Collection Blu-ray release for Night of the Living Dead and how the film’s meaning shifts slightly in the shadow of Get Out, and also how Get Out is informed by Romero’s movie almost half a century after its release. Hell of a double feature, if you ask me. (Make it a triple feature with “Black Museum” from the most recent season of Black Mirror, or a quad feature with that and also It Comes at Night.)


One thought on “How ‘Get Out’ Puts ‘Night of the Living Dead’ in a New Light

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