Be Reel Podcast: “You’re A Bad Dad, Nicolas Cage”

You may remember that piece I wrote for The Hollywood Reporter from a couple weeks back where I talked about Nicolas Cage and Mom and Dad, his newest movie, which isn’t good per se but which I liked enough to say stuff about. Well, that piece attracted the attention of a chap named Chance Solem-Pfeifer, one of the hosts of the Be Reel podcast, who kindly invited me to participate in a Cage match (zing) on the show; this is a pretty way of saying he brought me on board to ramble about Cage, what makes a great Cage performance slash great Cage freakout, and why Cage’s career is sort of in limbo these days. (Hint: Memes ruin everything. Technically, so does The Wicker Man ’06, but it’s also the memes.)

I hate listening to the sound of my own voice, but I assume some of you out there don’t mind it too much. Regardless, you should check the episode out. It’s good fun! You can trust me on that. I was there when Chance and I recorded it, after all, and I daresay we had good fun doing that.


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