Altered Carbon Review

It’s been a week since my last blog post, and I bet you’re all jonesing for another update. Good news! I have one. Bad news! I sort of wiggled my way out of dealing with a contentious subject in my review of Altered Carbon. Good news! I’m thinking up a long form piece about the subject of whitewashing so I can focus on that subject exclusively. (Bad news! I haven’t found an outlet willing to run the piece. This could go on forever.)

As I point out over at The ARTery, you kinda have to confront your feelings on whitewashing upfront before you start streaming the series. Honestly? I kinda liked it. It’s occasionally dopey, and it’s occasionally cerebral, and its combined dopey cerebral quality reads as dissonant at times, but I’m not going to say I don’t dig the show’s scheme and its layered, complicated ideas on what happens to the world when mortality is no longer a major issue (at least for people rich enough to live forever.)


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